Telnet BBS

I suggest downloading and using SyncTERM or NetRunner But I have provided access via the screen below.

Status : Active

Nodes: 10
Hardware: Optiplex 390
OS: Windows 10
Networks - Dove-NET

Telnet Clients

BBS Servers

BBS Lists

SyncTERM (Windows) Synchronet BBS Synchronet BBS list
NetRunner (Windows) EleBBS BBS Corner
Simple Telnet Client (Android) Mystic Telnet BBS guide   


Originally I was just curious about the fate of the old BBS systems. After a little research I discovered a whole "underworld" network still exists, and many of these BBS's were still running the old DOS based systems. While they retained their dialup capabilities they now used telnet via the web for their connections. It's at that point I decided to dust off my old EZYCOM software and give it a try. While I could never get EZYCOM to work with telnet I did find some good alternatives in ELEBBS and Synchronet. ELEBBS had the look I liked but Synchronet has better functionality.

Other than the novelty of it all, I began to think about the current political situation and in particular the desire of the lunatic left for UN control over the internet. For those people who DON'T watch MSNBC the reasons are obvious. The UN wants the ability to tax, then when needed, quash all political speech and mass communication. The internet, News servers, an all other moderncommunications will be cut. Sounds crazy right? It's not, it happens all over the world and with the lefts hate of any unapproved information it  WILL happen here soon.

So what's left? Dialup BBS's, CB radio, carrier pigeon... Well not just yet but a little planning won't hurt. I decided to run a BBS for those who care to get reacquainted with the text based system. If and when the internet is no longer a place where information can be freely shared, the BBS will be right there.

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