When The SHTF

     What will you do when the shit hits the fan…what can you do? A Civil War or Asteroid strike aren’t the only things that can screw up your day Most people would be immediately isolated and would run out of food and water in three days in a semi-serious event like bad weather (Katrina, Sandy…get my drift?). Food and shelter are obvious but how about protection, do you have a weapon, do you know how to use it? Has you cable ever gone out for more than a few minutes, you panicked, didn’t you? (so do I)

You need several different ways to communicate, this web site addresses that area of prepping.  


Analog Communication

First things first, my local contact info.
I am able to transmit at least 45 miles from the center of Cleveland, TN. My handle is Snow Dog. I'm usually on the CB after 5:00pm mostly CH 20 or 4. Every now and then I shout out on CH 3 for the hell of it. Two of my radios are 10 meter radios that have been unlocked to include the 11 meter band including "free-band" frequencies . Those "free-band" frequencies amount to 240 frequencies not including the 5 that are hidden within the 11 meter CB band.

My Frequencies

CB (11 meter)     
CH 20 (27.205)   
CH  4  (27.005)
CH  7 +10k  (27.045)  
"FreeBand" 26.305

Frequencies To Stay Away From

25.670-26.100 - Broadcast remotes
26.617 - Civil Air Patrol (CAP)
27.430, 27.450, 27.490, 27.510, 27.530 - Business
27.870, 27.920, 27.974 - US Navy-MARS
28.000 -29.700 - 10 Meter Ham Band

My Stuff

The Radios


Galayx DX 2517

New main PC board for increased stability and sensitivity
Five digit frequency counter
Two large, easy-to-read Meters
Meter Scales for Signal, Power Output, SWR and Modulation (AM only)
Variable dimmer control
Red/Green Transmit/Receive LED
Noise Filter circuit for increased signal-to-noise ratio
"On-Demand" switchable Talk Back circuit with Volume Control
+10 KHz Switch
Noise Blanker/Automatic Noise Limiter
Roger Beep
Mic Gain
Receive Gain
SSB in addition to AM/FM/CW/PA
PA includes Echo
25 watts Maximum Output Power - SSB
10 watts Maximum Output Power - AM
Variable Output Power
1.5 KHz Clarifier for Receive only
5.0 KHz Clarifier for Receive and Transmit 


Galaxy 959 DX

Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales:
"S" Meter indicates up to 60 dB over S9
Modulation Percentage Scale for use on AM
Power Scale Calibrated for AM and SSB
SWR Scale
Automatic SWR Circuit (no complicated calibration procedure)
"Talkback" Circuit with On/Off Switch and Volume Control
Variable Power Output Control
Roger Beep with On/Off switch and LED Indicator
Galaxy Noise Filter for use on weak signals
High SWR Alert LED Indicator
Five-digit Frequency Display
+/- 1.0 KHz Receive Clarifier
Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter
AM, SSB and PA Modes
3-Position Tone Control Switch
Green/Red LED Indicator for RX/TX
LED Channel Indicator
Dimmer Control
Receive Gain Control
Mic Gain Control 


Connex 4800 DXL

24.265 - 29.655 MHz
Frequency Steps 10kHz 10kHz
Channels 240 240
Power Output AM 10W 10W
FM 10W 10W
USB 20W 20W
LSB 20W 20W
CW 10W 10W


Navaho TRC-432

A simple but reliable 40 AM base station 5w max output.


Boomer Deluxe 35a

This is a 500w RF Amp with a built-in 13.8v power supply


Kris Mach 3+3

My backup linear an old tube amp made by Kris back in the early 60s. It produces a maxium of 200 watts


Astatic 878 DM Amplified Microphone

Type: Transistorized Ceramic
Output Level: -44dB Below 1 volt per microbar at 1 khz into 1 megohm load
Output Adjustment: Approx. 40db range
Impedance: 5000 Ohms Max., recommended load of 100 ohms and up
Polar Pattern: Omni Directional
Cable: 2 foot coiled 6 conductor including shield
Weight: 19 1/2 ounces
Power: 9v battery 


TekPower TP305WI

 13.8V DC Power Supply for Ham/CB Radio
30A MaxCurrent Output
DC 13.8V Fixed Output
Noise offset 

Digital Shelter 

Retro Bulletin Board System

Right now the DigitalShelter BBS is strictly Telnet. If I feel it's needed dialup will be added.
I'm attempting to start a CB (and later a 10 meter) registry of sorts , we'll see how it goes.



CB: CH 4 "Snow Dog"